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Rishiraj Media is an ever evolving group of Media & Entertainment Company.

Rishiraj Experience, an experiential marketing company is a fusion of craft and technology to curate the WOW Experience.

We are a creative technology consultancy and software development company helping industries succeed in an automation led world.

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Viral Jelly is a Digital Entertainment company, on a mission to create relatable, shareable and light hearted content.

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Prick & Perk believes in the essence of the culture gifting and gestures that resonate your brand story.

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Insights We're always evolving to be one step ahead of the industry's needs

Mobile App, for your event?

For most forward thinking people, digital marketing is Social media event page, and that is enough to advertise their event. Some even have the right mind to upload regular content via email or posts, they even keep a steady flow of notifications for their audience's benefit.

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5 Easy Ways to Digitize Your Events

Don’t you want your event to become the talk-of-the-town? Don’t you want your event to be remembered for years to come, and have people reminiscent for the contribution it made in their lives? Then why are you not digitizing it?

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How Artifical Intelligence will impact your future interactions?

Artificial Intelligence: The smart interaction shaping evolution. Enabling your company establish superior computer intelligence & transforming business

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