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Space Branding

Spruce up your retail spaces with the agency trusted by biggest names across various industries. We design spaces and elements that elevate the ambience of your corporate offices, retail stores, cafés, or restaurants. Our unparalleled competence in retail branding offers you exceptional services ranging from concept designing, project management, strong supplier network and print & fabrication. We have successfully completed numerous retail branding projects with renowned companies across the country that includes cafeteria branding, vehicle branding, corporate office branding, designing showrooms, signages and much more. We know how important one's spaces can be, & that's why we bring out the best for you. Now, because of our innovative and impactful branding ideas, leaving a memorable impression on your customers is no longer a daunting task. We make sure to turn everybody's eyes on your space, be it your audience or your competitors!

Our Services

Concept Design

We have evolved over time, adapting new technologies and upskilling ourselves, which has positioned us among the top branding and concept design studios in Delhi. Our proficiency lies in crafting brand stories through our designs. We conduct comprehensive brand studies to effectively transform spaces, resonating perfectly with their brand.

Project Management

From ideas to seamless execution, our project management team ensures seamless implementation of your business activities. At Rishiraj Media, we function as your strategic ally in achieving success for your brand.

Supplier Network

Establishing a global network is vital for achieving widespread influence. As a prominent branding agency, our distinction lies in the supply chain network, enabling us to collaborate with leading suppliers and access high-quality products and services, thereby strengthening your brand’s reputation.

Print and Fabrication

Our expertise in print and fabrication services encompasses comprehensive brand design and strategy development, making us one of the leading agencies for this industry. We are creating eye-catching branding concepts by combining creativity and efficiency.

Event Marketing

Event marketing leverages live experiences to engage audiences, fostering brand awareness and forging lasting connections.

  • Engaged Audience: Events provide a tangible, interactive experience, capturing the attention and interest of attendees in a way that traditional marketing methods often cannot achieve.
  • Brand Exposure: Well-executed events garner media coverage, social media attention, and word-of-mouth promotion, amplifying brand visibility and reach in both online and offline spheres.

Photo Booth

Interactive digital photobooths add a fun and engaging element to events, providing instant, shareable memories for guests.

  • Offers valuable data insights for event organizers to analyze attendee engagement and preferences.

Survey and Feedback Forms

With digital survey and feedback forms, businesses can gather data more efficiently, analyze it more quickly, and make informed decisions based on that data.

  • Digital survey and feedback forms streamline data collection, allowing for quicker analysis
  • They enable businesses to make informed decisions based on real-time insights, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and product/service improvements.

Awards Platform

A digital awards platform organises recognition processes, offering convenience and efficiency, while also providing a wider reach and fostering a sense of accomplishment for recipients.

  • Using a digital awards platform saves time and resources, ensuring a seamless and organized recognition process.
  • It enhances visibility and engagement, boosting morale and motivation among recipients.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is a technology that identifies or verifies a person's identity based on their unique facial features.

  • Enhanced Security: It provides a highly accurate method of verifying a person's identity, which can be used in access control systems to prevent unauthorized entry.
  • Efficiency and Convenience: It allows for quick and automated identification, reducing wait times and enhancing the overall experience for users, especially in large events or crowded spaces.

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Strategy & Research

Every organization has a problem they need to solve, be it big and small. Design research can tackle problems with a range of sizes.

Design & Development

When you're in a rush, we are the best partner to work with as we make sure your work takes priority

Project Management

Work with our world class servicing team to manage your projects from the brief stage to the sharing the open files

Space Branding

We’re here to infuse your ambience with our retail branding excellence, as we take great satisfaction in turning ideas into enduring brand stories. With the trust of many industries nationwide, we specialize in transforming your co-living spaces, corporate offices, retail stores, cafés, or restaurants. Our retail branding services offer a strong supplier network, concept design, project management, print and fabrication.

We’ve successfully executed retail branding projects with reputed companies nationwide, encompassing cafeteria branding, vehicle branding, corporate office branding, showroom design, signage, and many more. Leveraging the ambience to its fullest potential, we’re committed to delivering excellence for you.

Vehicle Branding

Vehicle branding is recognized as one of the most effective marketing methods for promoting and advertising your brand. Due to its considerable cost-effectiveness, this approach stands as an impressive choice for many businesses and brands aiming to enhance brand visibility, attract new consumers, and market their products across various locations.

Vehicle advertising represents an ideal blend of creativity, mobility, and visibility, offering an efficient way to promote your brand or business. Car branding, in particular, is highly sought-after for advertising and establishing your presence in the marketplace.

Cafe Branding

Cafe branding is the art of crafting a unique atmosphere and aesthetic, fostering an immersive experience that resonates with its target audience. Each cafe design boasts its distinct vibe and personality, essential in capturing attention and conveying the essence of what the cafe represents. Thoughtfully designed interiors serve as the visual cornerstone, embodying the brand’s values and style. The cafe's interior design, lighting, furniture, and layout all shape the overall ambience. Whether it's a cozy neighbourhood spot, a chic urban cafe, or a vibrant artsy hangout, the cafe shop exterior design elements should seamlessly align with the brand’s concept, establishing a cohesive environment that sets the mood and welcomes customers.
We delve into the world of cafe branding to create a language—a visual symphony that resonates with the customers. Effective branding communicates what the cafe stands for, allowing customers to connect with its ethos. In essence, cafe branding isn’t just about atmosphere; it’s about an unforgettable experience, a space where every visit leaves you with memories to cherish and stories to share.

Corporate Branding

Experience the magic where office spaces resonate with your brand's tale! We specialize in offering an array of comprehensive office branding agency meticulously crafted for corporate office environments. Our commitment is to curate bespoke office branding ideas and strategies that seamlessly align with the corporate identities and ethos of our clients. Our holistic approach encompasses an array of office branding elements, including but not limited to, logo design, signage, interior branding, and cohesive visual communication strategies.

Our process involves a collaborative journey with our clients, where we deeply understand their unique organizational culture, objectives, and brand aspirations. This collaborative synergy enables us to deliver bespoke office branding ideas and solutions that are not only visually appealing but also consistently reinforce the brand identity throughout the office space. By prioritizing innovation, strategic planning, and attention to detail, we aim to create an immersive brand experience that leaves a lasting impression on employees, clients, and visitors alike, fostering a strong sense of brand recognition and connection within the corporate office.

Cinema Hall Branding

Step into the enchanting world of cinema, where every frame presents an opportunity, and every space within a cinema hall serves as a canvas for innovative branding. At Rishiraj Media, we specialize in harnessing the power of cinema advertising and branding, lift branding, and eye-catching promotional standees. Renowned for our expertise in cinema hall exteriors, we excel in meticulously transforming these spaces into compelling, attention-grabbing facades. Through a fusion of innovative design and strategic branding, we craft external impressions that transcend mere aesthetics, becoming powerful narratives that captivate audiences and elevate your brand presence with sophistication and distinction. Employing cutting-edge design concepts and high-quality materials, our team collaborates closely with clients to bring their vision to life. Whether it’s creating a memorable visual identity or enhancing brand recognition, our cinema hall branding solutions are tailored to leave a lasting impact on the audience, seamlessly integrating your brand into the cinematic experience. Partner with us to transform cinema spaces into dynamic brand showcases that captivate audiences and drive engagement.

Coliving Space Branding

Coliving spaces represent communal spaces or hubs where diverse people from eager students to driven corporate professionals seek a home away from home. These innovative living arrangements, propelled by visionary housing startups, offer affordable lodging and a thriving community-centric lifestyle. We believe that a shared living space isn’t just a place to live, it’s a community waiting to be nurtured through effective branding, we help transform these communal living spaces into dynamic environments that foster connections, belonging and shared experience. We dive deep into understanding what makes each coliving space special. By discovering its unique vibe and aspirations, we craft branding strategies that bring out its essence.


Embark on a transformative journey where signage design transcends mere visibility—it becomes your brand's articulate voice. At our core, we specialize in crafting compelling Signage Board Designs and strategically implementing signages as potent brand assets. Our expertise shines in crafting intricate Brand Signage, Signage Name Board Designs, and Company Signages that authentically reflect your brand essence. We delve deep into understanding your brand's ethos, seamlessly weaving its core values into our design concepts. Our aim? To create signages that not only captivate attention but also deeply engage and resonate with your audience. Through our unique approach to signage branding, we aspire to forge enduring connections between your brand and its customers. Join hands with Rishiraj Media to craft bespoke signages that illuminate your brand and distinguish you in today's competitive landscape.

Store Branding

Step into the epitome of store branding excellence alongside Rishiraj Media. Through an exquisite fusion of design brilliance, we ensure your brand resonates vibrantly within the confines of your retail space. From conceptualization to execution, our paramount aim is to ensure that your in-store branding directly engages your target audience, fostering their unwavering trust. It's time to craft a bold statement through your showroom branding—a statement that endures. It's more than mere visibility; it's about etching an unforgettable impression. Let your retail store branding be the conduit between your remarkable offerings and your customers' sentiments, forging an enduring connection. As customers walk in, they're enveloped in an immersive experience guided by meticulously curated designs and impactful in-shop branding elements. Elevate your brand's prominence with our tailor-made solutions—where every nook narrates a compelling story, and every detail enriches and defines your brand's identity.