From e-rickshaw campaigns to luxury residences, we excelled in branding spaces

With YourSpace, redefine the experience of staying away from home. They believe that this phase in a young adult’s life should be stress-free, safe, and filled with exciting possibilities. At YourSpace, they go beyond offering mere living spaces; they provide dynamic environments where students can discover endless possibilities.

YourSpace's commitment is to transform typical student accommodation into a vibrant and memorable experience. They understand the challenges of living away from home, and they strive to turn those challenges into exciting adventures. YourSpace is more than just a place to stay; it's a community that fosters personal growth, learning, and the creation of lifelong memories.

When YourSpace and Rishiraj Media first teamed up for their branding project, the initial task was to print impactful flyers aimed at raising awareness about their brand. These flyers served as a vital tool for reaching out to a broader audience and establishing a prominent presence.

In a strategic move to target the specific demographic of college-going youngsters around Delhi University, we executed an e-rickshaw branding campaign. Recognizing the effectiveness of this mode of advertising, especially for a youthful audience seeking affordable accommodation near their college, this initiative proved instrumental in capturing their attention and generating brand recognition.

Expanding our branding efforts, we crafted a visually appealing canopy and signage for YourSpace strategically placed in proximity to college areas. This additional touchpoint in our branding strategy was designed to further enhance visibility and engagement, ensuring that YourSpace remained at the forefront of the target audience's awareness.

Following the success of our branding initiatives for YourSpace, they entrusted us with extending our services to their extension, YourSpace Residences. Catering to a demographic of adults and office-goers seeking luxurious living solutions away from home, this expansion of our collaboration aimed to replicate the same level of impactful branding and recognition achieved for YourSpace.

With YourSpace Residences, our branding efforts extended across various facets, encompassing comprehensive exterior, interior, and window branding for their Gurugram property. In particular, our design interventions for their Kamla Nagar property included strategic branding for the game wall and reception area. To further showcase our creative prowess, we crafted a 3D tennis table, highlighting our unique design capabilities and adding a distinctive touch to the overall ambience.


In conclusion, YourSpace and Rishiraj Media's collaboration is a testament to the transformative power of strategic branding in shaping exceptional living experiences. From the initial focus on creating stress-free environments for young adults to the expansion into providing luxurious solutions for professionals with YourSpace Residences, our partnership has consistently evolved to meet diverse needs.

The success of impactful flyer campaigns targeted e-rickshaw branding, and innovative design interventions reflect our shared commitment to redefining living spaces. As we look back, the effective branding initiatives also underscore the dynamic synergy between YourSpace's vision and our creative capabilities, resulting in a lasting impact on brand recognition and engagement.

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