STEM Awards


CII is dedicated to advancing gender equality in India’s STEM workforce. Their vision is to achieve full parity, aiming for at least 50% women representation in STEM by 2047, with a stepping stone of 35% by 2030. STEM fields–science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics—are instrumental in fostering economic prosperity and societal progress, underscoring the importance of gender inclusivity in these domains.

This compilation not only commemorates the accomplishments of women in STEM but also stands as a beacon of inspiration for future generations, highlighting their capacity as equitable contributors to sustainable societal advancement.


As we are currently working on the new edition of the CII Awards on Excellence for Women in STEM 2024, potential challenges have arisen, particularly in the realm of registration and nomination submission. The current reliance on paperwork may prove cumbersome, demanding extensive manual effort to manage and maintain data accurately.

Moreover, the evaluation process could present difficulties, requiring meticulous scrutiny to ensure the completeness and accuracy of submitted information. This manual verification process may add complexity and increase workload, highlighting the necessity for a more streamlined and efficient approach to enhance participant and organizer experiences in the awards program.


After analyzing the previous year's edition, we are developing a customized award portal for the CII Awards on Excellence for Women in STEM 2024. This innovative website revolutionizes traditional paper-based processes, saving valuable time and resources while ensuring a smooth and efficient award process. By simplifying award procedures and enhancing user registration and profiles, our digital solutions significantly increase productivity and convenience for all involved.

Designed with scalability in mind, our portal will seamlessly accommodate the growing number of users, nominations, and award categories as the program expands. Engineered to manage increased traffic and a growing database, it effortlessly integrates new award categories.

Our structured rules and regulations provide participants with a clear pathway through the entire process, offering detailed information on eligibility criteria and required documentation for each category. Customization features ensure a consistent and branded user experience, aligning every aspect of the portal with the prestigious identity of the awards program.


In summary, Rishiraj Media Tech Solutions has redefined the award landscape with its innovative, user-centric, and adaptable platform. Embracing digital transformation, we streamlined award management processes, ensuring a seamless experience and elevating the award program to unprecedented levels of success.

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