From Delhi-NCR to nationwide, our innovative branding reflects success

Sodexo India is driven by a steadfast commitment to enhancing the everyday experiences of individuals, fostering a collective journey towards building better lives for all. Their diverse services, exceeding 100 offerings, cater to various clientele spanning corporates, healthcare organizations, manufacturing facilities, educational institutes, and remote environments.

Their mission is to provide holistic solutions that encompass food and catering, facilities management, technical services, workplace experience, energy management, and benefits and rewards services. With an unwavering dedication to excellence, they have cultivated a dynamic team of 40,135 employees who tirelessly serve 450+ consumers at 1,039 sites every day.

Embracing an ethos of inclusivity, diversity, fairness, equality, and positivity, Sodexo India strives to create a workplace environment that transcends conventional norms. Their overarching goal is not only to meet the needs of their clients but also to elevate the quality of life for all those they serve, every day.

Our first venture with Sodexo was a meaningful journey, where we worked closely to craft a unique identity for the cafeteria at APSEZ-Adani Mundra in Gujarat. We created a welcoming space where individuals could gather, dine, and connect. Through careful planning and close collaboration, we aimed to elevate the dining experience and leave a lasting impression on all who visited the facility.

The next project with Sodexo involved creating branding for the hostel cafeteria and their bain marie. Each hostel possesses a unique ambience, making it a challenge to capture and enhance through our branding.

Hostels are spaces where students relax, dine, and socialize with friends. Our primary objective was to design an atmosphere that fosters a sense of freedom and enjoyment. Additionally, hostel canteens prioritize mess hygiene and cleanliness, leading us to design HSEQ signages for this specific purpose.

Leveraging our design expertise, we achieved success in crafting an ambience for the hostel cafeteria that resonated with the unique character of each hostel. Our team of designers was dedicated to thorough research before putting any concept into action, ensuring that every aspect of how a hostel cafeteria should look and feel was meticulously considered.

In our designs, we aimed for a modern aesthetic that aligned with the preferences of this generation, creating an atmosphere that not only met but exceeded their expectations. Our goal was to evoke a vibrant and engaging vibe that seamlessly integrated with the contemporary hostel experience.

Following the successful completion of our inaugural project, Sodexo became one of our esteemed clients. Given Sodexo's extensive Pan India operations, we were fortunate to secure opportunities to collaborate with them nationwide. Our first Pan India project for Sodexo involved creating impactful branding for their Hyderabad property, notably High Radius Technologies (MNC). Subsequently, we were entrusted with showcasing our design expertise for their Chandigarh property.

Expanding our collaboration, we undertook the design transformation of various cafes operating in the Delhi NCR region. Our scope ranged from dynamic lit menus to versatile printable menus, as well as intricately crafted cut letters and distinctive logo signages. This multifaceted involvement demonstrated our commitment to delivering comprehensive and tailored design solutions across diverse locations and property types.


In conclusion, our collaboration with Sodexo was a journey marked by innovation, dedication, and a shared commitment to enhancing the daily experiences of individuals across diverse sectors. From our initial project, focused on creating an inviting ambience for hostel mess areas to our extensive Pan India engagement, we strived to exceed expectations and elevate the quality of life for those we served.

As we looked ahead, our commitment to delivering comprehensive and tailored design solutions remained unwavering, contributing to the ongoing success of our partnership with Sodexo and the broader goal of enhancing the everyday experiences of individuals nationwide.


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