We turned MyRaasta's vehicle into a mobile mechanic with innovative branding

MyRaasta is the ultimate solution for all your car problems. They offer a comprehensive, convenient one-stop solution for all your car repair needs. Catering to tech-savvy vehicle owners, they provide easy booking services at your fingertips, ensuring that you have a trusted companion wherever you go. Their mission is clear: to simplify the intricate world of car care.They have carefully crafted customized solutions and offerings aimed at enhancing your vehicle servicing experience.

MyRaasta boasts a network exceeding 300 fully verified partner workshops, ensuring cost-effective and traceable repairs. Customers have the convenience of scheduling a vehicle inspection with just one tap or indulging in our car spa services. They also offer OEM spare parts and insurance services, establishing us as the ultimate one-stop solution for both individual car owners (B2C) and businesses (B2B).

Our initial collaboration with MyRaasta involved branding their vehicle, essentially transforming it into a mobile mechanic on wheels. The client's requirement was clear: they wanted the branding to be eye-catching, informative, and impeccably designed. As this was our first branding project for a vehicle, it presented a unique challenge for us.

To meet the client's expectations, we embarked on an extensive research and ideation process. We delved into understanding the essence of MyRaasta's brand identity, their target audience, and the message they wanted to convey through the vehicle branding. This involved studying their company values, their commitment to simplifying car care, and their dedication to providing comprehensive solutions.

With a clear understanding of the client's objectives, we brainstormed various design concepts to ensure that the branding not only captured attention but also effectively communicated all the necessary information. We explored different visual elements, typography, and color schemes to create a design that resonated with MyRaasta's brand identity while ensuring maximum impact on the move.

Throughout the process, we collaborated closely with MyRaasta, gathering feedback and making necessary adjustments to refine the design further. Despite the challenges posed by it being our first branding project for a vehicle, our dedication to delivering excellence drove us to surpass expectations.


In the end, the result was a striking vehicle branding design that encapsulated MyRaasta's ethos, provided essential information, and showcased our creativity and design expertise. It was not just a branding project; it was a testament to our ability to adapt and excel in new and challenging environments. We look forward to continuing our journey of creativity and collaboration, pushing boundaries, and delivering exceptional results for our clients. With each project, we aim to not only meet but exceed expectations, leaving a lasting impression and forging lasting partnerships built on trust and excellence.

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