Max Life Insurance Company Limited, formerly known as Max New York Life Insurance Company Limited, is an Indian life insurance company headquartered in New Delhi.

It is the largest non-bank private-sector life insurer in India, operating as an 80:20 joint venture between Max Financial Services and Axis Bank.

The company functions as a subsidiary of the publicly-listed Max Financial Services and was founded in 2000 following the liberalization of the insurance sector in India. Its operations commenced in 2001, and Max Life Insurance is part of the Max Group.


As we collaborated with Max Life Insurance to create their campaign for Durga Puja, we encountered several challenges that required careful consideration and planning. Firstly, we needed to ensure that the campaign captured the essence and significance of Durga Puja, a major Hindu festival celebrated with great fervour and devotion across India.

Secondly, we faced the challenge of crafting a campaign that resonated with diverse audiences. Durga Puja is celebrated by people from various backgrounds, age groups, and regions, each with their own unique perspectives and preferences.

Our campaign needed to strike a balance between tradition and modernity, appealing to both traditionalists who value the festival's customs and rituals, as well as younger audiences who seek contemporary and innovative experiences.

Thirdly, we had to navigate the logistical complexities of organizing a successful campaign amidst the hustle and bustle of Durga Puja preparations. Despite these challenges, our collaborative efforts resulted in a compelling and impactful campaign that celebrated the spirit of Durga Puja while fostering unity, joy, and cultural pride among participants and audiences alike.


In our endeavour to uphold the essence of Durga Puja while engaging modern audiences effectively, we devised a clever strategy involving the use of QR codes strategically placed within the pandals. This innovative approach aimed to seamlessly blend tradition with technology, offering festival-goers a unique and interactive experience.

The QR codes, discreetly incorporated into the décor of the pandals, served as gateways to a world of exciting rewards and experiences. By simply scanning the QR code using their smartphones, visitors could unlock a treasure trove of vouchers, discounts, and special rewards from participating sponsors and partners. This gamified element added an element of excitement and anticipation to the festivities, encouraging attendees to explore the pandals more thoroughly and engage with the campaign on a deeper level.

Moreover, we recognized the growing influence of social media in shaping contemporary cultural experiences. To leverage this trend, we incorporated a feature that allowed users to capture selfies within the pandal and instantly share them on their social media platforms. This not only amplified the reach of our campaign but also fostered a sense of community and shared celebration among participants.


Our creative approach not only captivated the attention of festival-goers but also garnered appreciation. The seamless integration of technology into the traditional fabric of Durga Puja not only enriched the overall experience for attendees but also paved the way for the successful execution of our campaign, leaving a lasting impression on both participants and observers alike.

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