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The 5th Edition of International Solar Alliance (ISA) is a member-driven platform that aims to bring affordable energy access, security and transition to its member countries through increased solar power deployment. In 2022, the ISA kicked off its annual Governance Meetings, bringing together key decision-makers and regional representatives. This collaborative process ensures a comprehensive approach to decision-making, addressing regional needs and priorities along the way.

The four regional committees came together– Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe & Others, and Latin America-Caribbean – to discuss their specific solar challenges and opportunities. Their insights feed into the Standing Committee, led by high-level representatives, who further refine strategic direction. Finally, the Ministerial-level Assembly makes final decisions, guided by in-depth analysis and regional perspectives.

These meetings go beyond formalities. Moderated discussions facilitate a deep dive into the ISA's initiatives, programs, and activities, ensuring effective action tailored to regional needs.This is more than just meetings; it's a collaborative effort to shine a light on a brighter future powered by solar energy.


The 5th Assembly of the International Solar Alliance (ISA) took place in New Delhi, India, from October 17th to 20th, 2022, attracting delegates from 144 countries to this monumental event dedicated to shaping the future of solar energy. Hosted by ISA in collaboration with the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), the assembly served as a platform for global discourse and collaboration on advancing solar energy initiatives worldwide.

Given the significant participation in this assembly, the organizers recognized the necessity for a dedicated website to serve as a comprehensive hub of information. This website contained essential details about the event, including its purpose, dates, timing, participating countries, delegate information, and real-time updates.

Moreover, due to the sensitivity of certain confidential documents, a robust database infrastructure was implemented to ensure the protection and secure access of important documents, safeguarding critical information from unauthorized disclosure. This multifaceted approach not only facilitated effective communication and coordination among participants but also upheld the integrity and confidentiality of the assembly's proceedings.


In response to the multifaceted challenges posed by the 5th Assembly of the International Solar Alliance (ISA), Rishiraj Media Tech Solutions emerged as a beacon of support. Our team undertook the task of developing a comprehensive solution to address the diverse needs of the event. Central to our strategy was the creation of a meticulously designed website complemented by a dynamic mobile application, both tailored to meet the unique requirements of the assembly.

Our customized website and mobile app served as indispensable tools, offering many features to enhance the participant experience. We established a secure member login portal, providing authorized access to crucial signatory documents through a robust passcode protection system. This ensured the safe handling of sensitive information, fostering a sense of confidence and trust among stakeholders.

Furthermore, our solution provided a wealth of information at participants' fingertips, including detailed event schedules, speaker profiles, and a virtual map of the venue for seamless navigation. A visually engaging picture gallery showcased memorable moments, while integration with associates facilitated networking opportunities and collaboration.

In addition to these foundational elements, we orchestrated live tweeting activities to amplify the event's reach and engagement across digital platforms. Through our comprehensive approach, Rishiraj Media Tech Solutions not only addressed the immediate challenges of the assembly but also contributed to its success by empowering participants with intuitive, user-friendly tools and platforms.


In conclusion, the collaboration between the International Solar Alliance (ISA) and Rishiraj Media Tech Solutions exemplifies the power of innovation and strategic partnership in advancing the global transition to solar energy. By leveraging technology and tailored solutions, the ISA's annual Governance Meetings were elevated into a dynamic forum for meaningful discourse and decisive action. With a focus on accessibility, security, and engagement, the integrated website and mobile application provided delegates with essential resources and facilitated productive exchanges, ultimately driving progress towards a sustainable and solar-powered future for all.


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