Max Life Insurance Company Limited, formerly known as Max New York Life Insurance Company Limited, is an Indian life insurance company headquartered in New Delhi. It is the largest non-bank private-sector life insurer in India, operating as an 80:20 joint venture between Max Financial Services and Axis Bank.

The company functions as a subsidiary of the publicly-listed Max Financial Services and was founded in 2000 following the liberalization of the insurance sector in India. Its operations commenced in 2001, and Max Life Insurance is part of the Max Group.


As we embarked on another collaboration with Max Life Insurance for their Teacher’s Day campaign, we faced the challenge of going beyond mere greetings and crafting a heartfelt expression of appreciation for educators.

Max Life Insurance sought to create a campaign that not only conveyed warm wishes but also genuinely celebrated the invaluable contributions of teachers to society. This required us to delve deep into understanding the profound impact teachers have on shaping lives, imparting knowledge, and nurturing future generations.

Moreover, we needed to devise creative strategies to convey this message authentically and meaningfully, ensuring that teachers felt genuinely cherished and valued. From conceptualizing engaging content to planning thoughtful gestures, our challenge lay in translating gratitude into tangible actions that resonated with both educators and the wider community.

Through meticulous planning and collaboration, we aimed to create a campaign that not only honoured teachers on their special day but also left a lasting impression, affirming their significance in shaping a brighter future for all.


As we delved into planning the Teacher’s Day campaign alongside Max Life Insurance, our tech team spearheaded the brainstorming process to explore a multitude of options for leaving a meaningful impression through this initiative.

The index page served as the gateway to a unique experience tailored specifically for celebrating teachers. Upon landing on the page, users were prompted to register, initiating their journey into the heart of the campaign. Once registered, participants were seamlessly redirected to a dedicated Teacher’s Day page, where they were greeted with two distinct options to express their appreciation.

The first option allowed users to upload a picture of themselves, which would then be adorned with a custom-designed frame declaring them the "Best Teacher." This personalized touch not only honoured educators but also provided them with a tangible token of recognition that they could proudly display on their social media profiles, such as WhatsApp DP.

Alternatively, participants could opt to fill out a form with their details, triggering the creation of a personalized certificate acknowledging their role as a valued teacher. This certificate, meticulously tailored to reflect the individual’s name and other relevant details, served as a symbol of appreciation for their dedication and commitment to the noble profession of teaching.


By offering these interactive and personalized features, our campaign aimed to go beyond mere words of gratitude, providing educators with tangible tokens of appreciation that they could cherish and share with pride. Through the seamless integration of technology and thoughtful design, we sought to make every teacher feel truly special and valued on their special day.

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