India-Japan Forum


The India-Japan Forum serves as a dynamic platform, fostering meaningful dialogue and collaboration between leaders from India and Japan to shape the trajectory of bilateral and strategic partnerships. Facilitated by the Ananta Centre in collaboration with the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, the Forum stands as a catalyst for forging deeper connections.

Marking its second edition on 28 and 29 July 2023 in New Delhi, the Forum aims to enhance cooperation, explore untapped opportunities, foster the exchange of innovative ideas, and cultivate mutual trust between the two nations. Embracing the Chatham House Rule, the Forum ensures an atmosphere of open discussion, where participation is exclusively by invitation. Distinguished attendees comprise high-level representatives from government, industry, media, academia, and think tanks.

Covering an extensive array of topics, the discussions at the Forum spanned geopolitics, defence, supply chains, digital security, infrastructure investment, and green energy. The insights and perspectives gathered during this edition have been encapsulated into thematic takeaways, underscoring the Forum's commitment to shaping a future of collaboration and understanding between India and Japan.


In anticipation of the global event, meticulous attention to detail was imperative, especially given the prestigious guest list comprising high-profile personalities. Ananta Centre was dedicated to ensuring a seamless and comprehensive experience for all attendees and guests.

It's worth noting that Ananta Centre had previously demonstrated its commitment to the success of such forums. We played an integral role in the first edition of the India-Japan Forum, which, due to the constraints posed by COVID-19, was held virtually. Despite the challenges, we ensured a smooth and engaging experience for participants, leveraging our expertise in event coordination and communication.

Reflecting on the challenges faced during the India-Japan Forum conference, the focus was on the seamless delivery of real-time information. This included vital details such as the event agenda, session specifics, delegate profiles, and partner information, along with precise timings for each aspect of the event. The overarching goal was to provide a cohesive and well-informed experience for everyone involved.


To ensure a seamless and informative experience, a dedicated event website was designed by Rishiraj Media Tech Solutions. This integrated system provided convenient access to a wealth of details. On the event website, attendees found a constantly updated agenda, a personalized message from the Co-Chair, and in-depth information about the event and the delegates who participated.

The website served as a one-stop resource, especially for attendees coming from outside or within India, providing all the necessary information at their fingertips. The India-Japan Forum 2023 app has been live on both Android and iOS platforms, offering a user-friendly interface and a host of features to enhance the event experience.


The 2023 India-Japan Forum 2023 showcased excellence by uniting key leaders and deploying cutting-edge tech. Its custom website delivered a smooth and informative experience, defying challenges and setting a new standard for international forums. By pushing boundaries and leveraging technology's potential, the Forum set a new precedent for how international dialogue can be conducted effectively and inclusively, paving the way for future collaborations driven by both human leadership and technological innovation.


Working with Rishiraj Media has been an exceptional journey for Ananta Aspen Centre. Their expertise in website development, microsite creation, and mobile application design has significantly elevated our digital presence. Rishiraj team demonstrated unwavering commitment, creativity, and technical prowess throughout the collaboration. The seamless integration of innovative solutions into our platforms has not only enhanced user experience but also streamlined our operations. Rishiraj Media's attention to detail and prompt responsiveness made the entire process efficient and enjoyable. We are delighted with the outcomes achieved in partnership with Rishiraj Media, and we wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking cutting-edge digital solutions.

Amit Joshi
Assistant Director, Ananta Aspen Centre

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