ICC Sustainability Conclave


The 5th edition of ICC Sustainability Conclave 2023 was held on November 2-3 at The Imperial Hotel, New Delhi, India. This conclave was hosted by Chemical & Petro-Chemicals in association with ICC (India Chemical Council), this prestigious event delves into the crucial topic of sustainability in the chemical industry.

The theme for ICC Sustainability Conclave 2023 was “Integrating Sustainability and for the Chemical Industry-Addressing Challenges and Opportunities”. The ICC boasts strong representation from senior executives across a diverse array of global and local chemical companies. Comprising seasoned veterans in the chemical industry, the executive committee brings extensive experience and profound insights into the dynamics of the chemical sector in India. Their leadership and vision propel the ICC towards continued growth and excellence.

The ICC is actively engaged in organizing a myriad of seminars and events focused on disseminating information concerning safety, health, and environmental issues within the Indian chemical industry. These initiatives underscore the ICC's commitment to promoting awareness and fostering positive practices within the sector.


Leading up to the 5th edition, our team successfully executed the previous edition amid the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, opting for a virtual platform. Venturing into the virtual event realm was also a first experience for us, and we embraced it as a challenge to craft an impactful digital experience for attendees and guests.

The opportunity to spearhead the 5th edition of the ICC Sustainability Conclave in 2024 presented itself, promising a gathering of prominent figures in the industry. Given the scale of the event, ensuring a seamless registration process became paramount. Networking and building connections with industry experts were central to the event's objectives. However, in the absence of a centralized source and comprehensive profiles of attendees, identifying potential connections posed a significant challenge.

In the dynamic landscape of a large-scale event, managing data became a substantial task for our team. Despite these challenges, our commitment to delivering a successful and enriching experience for all participants remained unwavering.


In response to the multifaceted challenges faced, Rishiraj Media Tech Solutions introduced a tailored website designed to comprehensively address these issues. This innovative solution encompasses a streamlined registration process, seamlessly integrating with a B2B portal dedicated to the networking lounge. Upon registration completion, attendees are efficiently redirected to the portal, making the entry hassles by allowing swift access through QR code scanning and eliminating concerns about queues.

The B2B portal empowers attendees to connect with potential contacts through personalized profiles, enhancing the overall networking experience. To further enhance efficiency, an admin panel was crafted for real-time monitoring and maintenance of attendees' data. This comprehensive approach ensures a sophisticated and user-friendly platform, elevating the overall event experience while providing effective solutions to the challenges initially faced.


In conclusion, the 5th edition of the ICC Sustainability Conclave 2023 marked a significant milestone, addressing vital sustainability issues in the chemical industry. Despite challenges posed by the virtual shift during the previous edition, our commitment to delivering impactful experiences persisted.

The introduction of a customized website by Rishiraj Media Tech Solutions for the 2024 edition not only streamlined registration but also enhanced networking through a dedicated B2B portal. This innovative solution reflects our dedication to overcoming challenges and providing a sophisticated platform, ensuring the success and excellence of the ICC Sustainability Conclave.


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