Cracking the perfect shade of gradient to reflect Housr’s brand values

Housr stands as India's premier provider of meticulously managed luxury accommodations, serving as both a co-living space and a provider of modern rental apartments. Tailored exclusively for college students and working professionals, Housr crafts an unparalleled living experience characterized by supreme comfort, seamless connectivity, and curated sophistication.

Across major cities like Bangalore, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Pune, and Vizag, Housr serves as a beacon of elevated living, offering residents modern amenities that seamlessly converge to foster a vibrant community spirit. Currently operating 70 centers with 5000+ operational beds in 5 states, Housr embodies the essence of hassle-free living, underscored by an impressive array of amenities and unparalleled lifestyle services.

As our collaboration with Housr began, a significant challenge emerged during the initial stages, centering on cracking the ideal gradient color for their brand. Housr faced difficulties as none of the vendors could precisely match the unique color gradient that defined their brand identity.

The absence of branding standardization added another layer of complexity, making it challenging to maintain a consistent visual identity across various materials and surfaces. Housr envisioned a comprehensive approach to interior and exterior branding for their offices, and we were entrusted with the task of bringing their vision to life.

As it was a significant project for us, capturing the true essence of Housr's brand color was a priority. In the first attempt, we successfully cracked the color scheme of their brand logo. This achievement paved the way for the execution of a comprehensive interior and exterior branding project, encompassing areas such as the game room, cafeteria, glass wall designs for their seating area, and lift branding.

Our commitment to excellence extended to designing standard and flange signages, creating a cohesive visual language for Housr's diverse properties. The branding initiative aimed not only to enhance the aesthetic appeal but also to create a lasting impression on visitors to their offices and their properties.

In addition to standardizing branding elements, we undertook the design and production of personalized wooden number plates for Housr's various properties across India. This thoughtful touch added exclusivity and personalization to each location, reinforcing the brand's commitment to providing a premium living experience.

Our collaboration extended beyond the physical spaces, as we curated abstract paintings for Housr's hotel rooms. This artistic endeavour added a unique and sophisticated touch, contributing to the overall ambience and character of the accommodations.


Over the course of more than 4 years, our partnership with Housr has flourished, resulting in the successful branding of more than 20 properties across India. This enduring collaboration stands as a testament to our ability to understand and execute the unique vision of Housr, elevating its brand identity and enhancing the overall living experience for residents. Together, we have not only met challenges head-on but have consistently exceeded expectations, shaping spaces that reflect the essence of luxury and curated living.

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