We've showcased our skills through successful CEO car branding projects

Fortum, a leading Nordic energy company, is dedicated to fostering a world where people, businesses, and nature thrive in harmony. Renowned as one of Europe’s foremost producers of clean energy, they are steadfast in our pursuit of ambitious environmental goals. through the reliable generation and delivery of clean energy, they empower industries to decarbonize their processes and foster sustainable growth.

Their core operations in the Nordics are centered around efficient, carbon-neutral power generation, complemented by the dependable provision of electricity and district heating to residential and commercial customers. As established market leaders in these domains, they remain committed to fortifying their position while selectively pursuing long-term growth opportunities and leveraging market dynamics.

The partnership between our agency Rishiraj Media and Fortum began with a unique task: branding the CEO's car. This assignment provided us with an opportunity to showcase our expertise and attention to detail, setting the stage for further collaboration. Alongside this, we were entrusted with the design of the company's logo, a pivotal element in establishing Fortum's visual identity.

As Fortum expanded its reach into India, venturing into the burgeoning Charge & Drive sector, our collaboration evolved to accommodate the company's growth trajectory. With the launch of GLIDA in July 2023, Fortum's brand identity underwent a transformation, signaling its entry into the Indian market. The rebranding efforts culminated in the adoption of the name GLIDA, marking a significant milestone in Fortum's international expansion journey.

Subsequently, as GLIDA EV PUMPS made its debut, our role expanded to encompass comprehensive marketing support for the launch. Leveraging our strategic insights and creative prowess, we devised and executed a tailored marketing campaign to maximize visibility and drive engagement for GLIDA's advanced charging network solution. Our efforts aimed to position GLIDA as a frontrunner in the evolving landscape of electric vehicle infrastructure.


In essence, our journey with Fortum and GLIDA exemplifies the power of collaboration and innovation in navigating new markets and pioneering transformative solutions. From branding the CEO's car to spearheading the marketing efforts for GLIDA EV PUMPS, our partnership has been characterized by creativity, agility, and a shared commitment to driving success in the dynamic realm of sustainable energy solutions.

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