From flyers to cafe branding, 10 years of thriving collaboration with Compass Group India

Compass Group India, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Compass Group PLC, has been catering to the Corporate, Healthcare, and Education markets in India since 2008, upholding world-class delivery standards nationwide. Operating in over 450 client locations expanded to 1000 sites, they provide exceptional services and serve more than 4,00,000 meals daily. Their sector-focused businesses grant clients access to unparalleled experience, global practices, and cutting-edge innovations.

The diverse array of companies that have become a part of Compass has significantly enriched their heritage, molding the distinctive personality of their present-day business. Despite the substantial evolution from their humble beginnings to their current status as an international enterprise, their team's unwavering commitment to customers, the excellence of their service, and their innovative spirit persist as enduring and integral elements of their ongoing development.

Collaborating with Compass Group India has been a significant achievement in our journey. Our partnership commenced with the design of flyers, and it subsequently expanded to encompass the branding of cafes operated by Compass Group India. Given its prestigious clients, including giants like Google and Microsoft, Compass is particularly meticulous about interior design and branding.

They prioritize creating an environment that aligns seamlessly with their office identity, and our role involves meeting their precise requirements and standards in the design and branding process. We successfully met their branding specifications with excellence.

The most formidable challenge arose when tasked with a branding project in a remote location for their client, Adani Port. The difficulty stemmed from the need for more available vendors to assist us in this venture. Despite this hurdle, we triumphed in the completion of the project, demonstrating our capability to overcome challenges and deliver successful outcomes.

We have undertaken the customization of their cafe event designs, overseeing the entire execution process, which involves creating unique designs for their bain marie, danglers, and wobblers. Additionally, we have provided festive-themed branding for their cafe and office cafeteria, incorporating elements like selfie booths for a fun experience across their properties in Delhi NCR and Pan India.

Furthermore, we have successfully facilitated vendor delivery for various events. One of the notable challenges we encountered was receiving briefs and executing them on the same day, a task we achieved with an impressive 99% success rate.


In summary, our collaboration with Compass Group India has been pivotal in delivering world-class services to the Corporate, Healthcare, and Education markets for the last 10 years. From designing flyers to branding cafes for prestigious clients like Google and Microsoft, we've consistently met high standards.

Facing challenges, such as a remote branding project for Adani Port, we demonstrated resilience and achieved successful outcomes. Customizing cafe designs for their various events, overseeing execution, and meeting tight deadlines showcase our creativity and commitment. Our partnership with Compass Group India remains marked by excellence, innovation, and unwavering dedication.

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