Revamped interior and exterior branding for 5+ Cinépolis properties across India

Cinépolis India, a subsidiary of Cinépolis (Mexico), stands as the pioneering international exhibitor of entertainment in India. With a strong presence, the company boasts 422 screens across various segments, including Cinépolis, Cinépolis VIP, Cinépolis Junior, Cinépolis MacroXE, and Fun Cinemas. Notably, Cinépolis operates India's largest Megaplex – a 15-screen multiplex located in Pune. The company has been a trailblazer in the exhibition industry, introducing innovative concepts that have had a significant impact on the cinematic experience in India.

Our journey with Cinépolis India has been nothing short of remarkable, spanning a fruitful partnership of 8+ years. Our collaboration took shape during the inauguration of the Cinépolis Hall in Hyderabad, a momentous project that marked the beginning of our shared endeavours.

The launch event itself was a spectacle, capturing the essence of cinematic magic. At the heart of the occasion stood a towering 6 ft. popcorn bucket. We crafted an arch-shaped entrance adorned with balloons. Strategically placed at various locations within the mall, these eye-catching buckets served as vibrant symbols, creating excitement for the Cinépolis movie-going experience.

We curated a comprehensive promotional campaign to maximize awareness for the launch. Intricately designed posters adorned the mall, and complementing these were bunting flags, fluttering in anticipation of a new era in entertainment. The main highlight of this big launch was a special event attended by an important minister from Hyderabad.

After a brief hiatus in our collaboration, we returned and recently undertook the exciting task of revamping the interior and exterior branding for 5+ Cinépolis properties across India. Notably, our creative touch has left a mark on several properties, with a significant presence in Ahmedabad, Rajkot, and Kankubag.

One of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences with Cinépolis was the brand activation we executed at Lulu Mall in Hyderabad. The clock was ticking, and time was scarce. However, with dedication and efficiency, we successfully completed the entire brand activation – from ideation to full execution – within an impressive 48 hours.

This accomplishment not only speaks to our commitment to delivering under tight deadlines but also showcases the seamless collaboration and synergy between our team and Cinépolis.

We've been actively involved in designing and branding initiatives on special occasions like World Cinema Day and World Popcorn Day for Cinépolis. Our creative touch extends beyond these celebrations to their food court, where we've implemented customized branding on pizza boxes and various other items. Additionally, we've successfully executed branding projects inside the cinema hall, contributing to the overall visual identity of Cinépolis.

In our efforts to enhance awareness about Cinépolis, we ventured into outdoor advertising, creating a captivating cinematic video showcasing their branding properties. Our creative endeavours extended to lift and floor branding for their V3S East Centre property, further amplifying their visual presence. These initiatives underline our commitment to not only showcase the essence of Cinépolis but also to engage audiences through dynamic and visually appealing mediums.


In summary, our longstanding partnership with Cinépolis India has been a journey marked by creativity, collaboration, and shared successes. As we celebrate achievements and overcome challenges, our commitment to enhancing the cinematic experience and contributing to the cultural tapestry of cinema in India remains unwavering. Looking ahead, we are excited about the continued growth of our partnership and the possibilities that await in the realms of cinema and branding.

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