Avery Dennison

Implemented creative branding in the Avery Dennison’s new office within one week

Avery Dennison is a prominent global company focused on materials science and manufacturing. Their expertise lies in designing and producing a wide array of labeling and functional materials that are essential across numerous industries.

They specialize in pressure-sensitive materials for labels and graphics, tapes, and bonding solutions used in industrial, medical, and retail applications. Additionally, they provide tags, labels, and embellishments for the apparel industry. Their cutting-edge radio-frequency identification (RFID) solutions cater to retail apparel and various other markets.

With operations in over 180 locations worldwide, they are recognized as an industry leader due to their global presence and extensive experience in their core businesses. This scale and expertise give them a competitive edge, allowing them to consistently deliver innovative solutions to diverse sectors.

Two years ago, in celebration of their 25th anniversary, Avery Dennison embarked on the momentous launch of their new property in Maneshwar. This undertaking presented us with our most challenging task: completing comprehensive office branding within an extremely tight timeframe of just one week. Despite the immense pressure, our dedicated team embarked on a journey fueled by determination and creativity.

From the moment the project commenced, every member of our team poured their hearts and souls into the task at hand. With unwavering focus, we meticulously planned every aspect of the branding, ensuring that no detail was overlooked. Our design brilliance shined through as we transformed not only the reception area but also the factory room, infusing each space with the essence of Avery Dennison's brand identity.


In summary, Avery Dennison's successful venture into the launch of their new property in Maneshwar exemplifies our commitment to excellence and innovation. Despite facing tight deadlines, our dedicated team demonstrated resilience and creativity, resulting in a comprehensive office branding that reflected the company's brand identity.

This achievement not only reinforces our reputation but also highlights our ability to overcome obstacles and deliver outstanding results.

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