Avery Dennison

Crafted personalized Indian-themed branding for Avery Dennison's Noida plant

Avery Dennison stands as a prominent global materials science and manufacturing company, specializing in designing and producing a diverse range of labeling and functional materials. Their products, integral to nearly every major industry, encompass pressure-sensitive materials for labels and graphic applications, tapes and bonding solutions for industrial, medical, and retail uses, as well as tags, labels, and embellishments for the apparel sector. Additionally, they provide cutting-edge radio-frequency identification (RFID) solutions, catering to retail apparel and various markets.

They boast a global presence with operations spanning over 180 locations, coupled with extensive expertise in our core businesses, positioning us as an industry leader. This global scale and comprehensive proficiency underscore our competitive advantage, enabling us to consistently deliver innovative solutions across diverse sectors.

Avery Dennison, a global enterprise with a presence in over 50 countries, initially engaged with us for the design of posters to enhance their brand visibility. Being an international entity, they held a distinct vision for their design preferences. Embracing this challenge, we committed ourselves to translating their vision into tangible design solutions.

Following the successful completion of our first project, Avery Dennison evolved into one of our most valued international clients. Building on this foundation, our collaboration expanded beyond posters to encompass the design of flexes and various related elements. However, one of the most significant assignments entrusted to us was the comprehensive cafe branding for their Noida plant.

The inception of this branding initiative involved a meticulous understanding of Avery Dennison's vision. They envisioned a cafe with a personalized touch, infused with an Indian theme. The clarity of their brief presented a challenge that our design team eagerly embraced. The task was to bring their vision to life through our creative process, ensuring a seamless alignment with their expectations.

This project proved to be a testament to our capabilities, as our dedicated team worked diligently to not only meet but exceed their requirements, resulting in highly successful and visually impactful cafe branding for Avery Dennison's Noida plant.


In conclusion, our collaboration with Avery Dennison showcases a dynamic partnership that has evolved from designing posters to undertaking substantial projects like cafe branding. Avery Dennison's global influence and our commitment to meeting their distinct design preferences have solidified our role as a trusted partner

This journey reflects our ability to not only adapt to diverse challenges but also to consistently deliver innovative solutions, reinforcing our position as an industry leader. We look forward to continuing this successful collaboration and contributing to Avery Dennison's ongoing growth and success.

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