Avery Dennison

Crafted a unique gift on the 25th Anniversary of Avery Dennison's India Chapter!

Avery Dennison stands as a prominent global materials science and manufacturing company, specializing in designing and producing a diverse range of labeling and functional materials. Their products, integral to nearly every major industry, encompass pressure-sensitive materials for labels and graphic applications, tapes and bonding solutions for industrial, medical, and retail uses, as well as tags, labels, and embellishments for the apparel sector. Additionally, they provide cutting-edge radio-frequency identification (RFID) solutions, catering to retail apparel and various markets.

They boast a global presence with operations spanning over 180 locations, coupled with extensive expertise in our core businesses, positioning us as an industry leader. This global scale and comprehensive proficiency underscore our competitive advantage, enabling us to consistently deliver innovative solutions across diverse sectors.

As Avery Dennison approached their 25th anniversary, with a desire to commemorate this milestone with a special gift, they sought a solution that would not only symbolize their gratitude but also reflect the significance of the occasion. However, selecting the right gift for the employees posed a logistical challenge, requiring careful consideration of budget constraints, practicality, and personalization.

In response to Avery Dennison's need for a meaningful anniversary gift for their employees, we proposed a solution that would honor the occasion while aligning with their budget and logistical considerations. Leveraging our longstanding relationship and reputation for reliability, Avery Dennison entrusted us with the task of executing this special merchandising project.

After thorough deliberation and consultation, we decided to commemorate Avery Dennison's 25th anniversary by gifting 710 employees a silver coin weighing 25 grams. This choice not only symbolized the significance of the milestone but also provided a tangible keepsake that employees could cherish for years to come. Furthermore, the silver coins were chosen for their universal appeal and lasting value, making them a timeless and meaningful token of appreciation.

Through this solution, Avery Dennison was able to express their gratitude to their employees in a meaningful and memorable way, reinforcing their commitment to fostering a culture of appreciation and recognition within the organization.


In conclusion, by collaborating with us on this special merchandising project, Avery Dennison successfully celebrated their 25th anniversary while expressing heartfelt gratitude to their employees. Through careful planning, thoughtful execution, and a commitment to excellence, we were able to deliver a solution that exceeded expectations and left a lasting impression on all recipients.

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