Auto Expo—The Motor Show 2020


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Auto Expo—The Motor Show 2020 was focused on new technologies and innovation in the industry. The 15th edition of Auto Expo aimed at creating an alluring experience for the visitors by resurrecting a new theme, 'Explore the World of Mobility', which resonated with the message of technology, capability, and the vision of mobility for tomorrow: safer, cleaner, connected, bespoke, and shared.

The event featured a staggering 108 exhibitors, showcasing a diverse range of offerings that included the country’s major carmakers, two-wheeler manufacturers, and tire makers, along with enthusiastic participation from students and burgeoning start-ups. The expo unveiled 70 launches and previews, highlighting the advent of cutting-edge technologies. These initiatives not only attracted a record-breaking attendance of 6,08,000 visitors but also reflected the industry’s collective efforts to revolutionize the automobile industry landscape.


At Auto Expo 2019, both visitors and exhibitors faced significant challenges while navigating the event’s website.The absence of easy access to essential information like schedules, locations, and speaker details hindered the attendee's overall experience, limiting their ability to engage effectively with the event’s offerings. Moreover, the absence of a dedicated mobile application led to a lack of on-the-go accessibility, making it challenging for attendees to access real-time updates and engage actively while at the event venue.

The limitations of web-based information, particularly on mobile devices, created a poor user experience on smaller screens. Inadequate search features caused delays in finding crucial information, resulting in decreased user satisfaction. Additionally, the absence of personalized notifications meant attendees might have missed vital updates during the event. These challenges highlighted the pressing need for user-friendly event apps to enhance engagement and provide a smoother experience.


Responding to these challenges, Rishiraj Media Tech Solutions took the initiative to comprehensively address user needs by meticulously designing a dedicated mobile app for Auto Expo 2019. This innovative app offered a range of facilities tailored to users' requirements, providing a dynamic schedule encompassing keynote speeches, panel discussions, product launches, and interactive workshops. Attendees could seamlessly access these features through the event app, ensuring a smooth and engaging experience throughout the event.

The navigation across the expansive event space of Auto Expo 2019 was revolutionized with the integration of the Exhibition Virtual Map within the event app. This digital blueprint served as an interactive guide to the entire venue, empowering visitors to effortlessly explore exhibitor stalls, locate specific brands or products, and efficiently plan their routes. With detailed markers, descriptions, and categorized sections, the virtual map facilitated seamless exploration, enabling attendees to discover and engage with the latest innovations and concepts showcased by exhibitors, thereby curating a personalized and enriching experience.

Furthermore, the entry process underwent significant improvements through an efficient visitor registration system, aimed at reducing the time required for registration and check-in. Attendees encountered a hassle-free registration process via a user-friendly interface, swiftly generating personalized QR codes for effortless entry into the event.


Auto Expo 2020 showcased an exceptional inclusivity beyond physical presence, offering a dynamic and live experience through dedicated apps for both Android and iOS platforms. These innovative apps ensured that individuals worldwide could engage with the event remotely, emphasizing the expo's commitment to embracing technology, connectivity, and accessibility. This forward-thinking approach not only elevated the attendee experience but also set a benchmark for future automotive exhibitions, showcasing a paradigm shift in event accessibility and engagement.

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