Avery Dennison

Revitalized Avery Dennison's Innovation & Knowledge Centre with conceptual branding

Avery Dennison stands as a prominent global materials science and manufacturing company, specializing in designing and producing a diverse range of labeling and functional materials.

Their products, integral to nearly every major industry, encompass pressure-sensitive materials for labels and graphic applications, tapes and bonding solutions for industrial, medical, and retail uses, as well as tags, labels, and embellishments for the apparel sector. Additionally, they provide cutting-edge radio-frequency identification (RFID) solutions, catering to retail apparel and various markets.

They boast a global presence with operations spanning over 180 locations, coupled with extensive expertise in our core businesses, positioning us as an industry leader. This global scale and comprehensive proficiency underscore our competitive advantage, enabling us to consistently deliver innovative solutions across diverse sectors.

Avery Dennison, a trusted partner with whom we had executed numerous successful projects, had entrusted us once again to complete branding for their two properties—one in Pune and the other in Noida.

For their Pune facility, known as the Innovation & Knowledge Centre, they sought a comprehensive branding overhaul to reflect their commitment to innovation and knowledge sharing.

The renovation encompassed every aspect, from the reception area to department rooms, each infused with a central theme of knowledge. Notably, department rooms and cabin names were inspired by renowned personalities such as Kalpana Chawla, resulting in a centralized theme that offered distinct variations reflective of individual departments and their respective areas of expertise.


In summary, our partnership with Avery Dennison has resulted in successful projects across various locations. Whether it's redesigning their properties in Pune and Noida, we've displayed creativity and determination. Our meticulous planning and design execution have effectively conveyed Avery Dennison's brand essence, reaffirming their industry leadership and dedication to innovation.

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