5 Easy Ways to Digitize Your Events

Don’t you want your event to become the talk-of-the-town? Don’t you want your event to be remembered for years to come, and have people reminiscent for the contribution it made in their lives?
Then why are you not digitizing it?

Here are ways to reap more benefits by properly digitizing your event:

  1. Landing Page – A website or a microsite is ideal to draw your audiences. It must have all the details of your event and a call to action button is a genius feature to invite them to register for the event or subscribe to your e-mailers for updates.
  2. Emailer Marketing – It is a great way to send personalized information to your potential attendees about the event. A strategic set of e-mailers helps you inform in an organized manner while maintaining the context.
    • Block your Dates/Diary, E-mailer: To give out the invitation for the event.
    • Draw-out for sponsorship/ registration: Information about the event program/ benefits for the attendees/ expected results.
    • Star feature of the event: About the guest of honour, speakers or performers
    • Thank you note: Let’s not forget to thank people who made it to the event, this also makes sure they feel acknowledged and become loyal to your events.
  3. Event Teaser – Bring out the intrigue in the audience, give them a glimpse of what the event would be like. Videos have 70% more viewed than plain static content.
  4. Social Media Marketing – Where the world is on social media, it is prudent to have a running campaign for the event promotion. It costs less than print ads and gets targeted reach. Platforms that could benefit your event traffic based on its context:
    • Facebook – For mass reach, this serves well for mostly all kinds of events, especially informal ones. It also has a feature of an event page addition, to help you spread it across your associations.
    • Twitter – it is the best for instant response and fares well for corporate event promotions. Polls and engagement activities for the event ensure further reach.
    • LinkedIn – Corporate or professionals with similar interest can be reached via this medium.

How to do it properly?

Who should you turn to for your event digitization?

Rishiraj Media is the answer. We love events! But we also understand, the audiences, their requirements and appetite for relevant content. Come to us for your event promotions and we’ll give you a blast!

Let’s make it an event of a lifetime!