Who we are

We are a 6 year old entity formed by the founder members with a combined experience of 70+ years in advertising and marketing services in the Indian sub-continent.

We believe just like the story of ‘6 blind men and the elephant’ each specialized marketing services agency has their own perception of your brand. The result is a jumbled mixture of various agencies’ perspectives, which gets communicated to your target audience. Our purpose of existence/reason for being is to provide an integrated solution for your marketing problem. Our technological bent of mind helps us in delivering the same. Thus, we bring together any and all kinds of outsourced marketing services requirements for your brand and create synergies amongst them, so that the whole becomes bigger the sum of its parts.

Corporate History

Journey so far

We weren't born yesterday! Actually, it was almost 2 decades ago, which makes us pretty traditional. That is why we grew up believing in Darwin, and evolved with our surrounding to imbibe the modernity we've been subjected to. And the evolution process has been pretty phenomenal.

The onset of digital age marked the origin of Rishiraj Media. It was conceived by the Father & Son duo: Mr. Rajesh Malhotra and Mr. Rishabh Malhotra who began with a vision of bringing together any and all kinds of outsourced marketing services requirements for the brand and create synergies amongst them under one roof

Mr. Rajesh Malhotra injected eons of his experience, accumulated from Satchi & Satchi, Rediffusion, Wunderman, into building the Retail Branding & Printing strategic business unit of the company.

The Design Studio came into existence and formed a SBU. To backward integrate the print division, it has thus become the forefront of our agency.

The age of Digital dawned; Incorporating Digital Marketing SBU of the agency with Social Media, Web UI/ UX designing & development services and coming a long way within a year to evolve towards 'Mobile first' technology and advertising.

We jumped headfirst into Motion Graphics and began our Production SBU; specialising in digital videos, motion graphics, GIF, infographic videos, Drone and 360 Degree photography & videography. hence integrating the same with other service offerings

Our Strategic Business Unit Xperience was born. It has been delivering end to end event, activation and exhibition services starting from conceptualisation to creative development to printing, production, fabrication to complete activity implementation and management ever since.

Hence the story of integration of various marketing services continues..

We would like to meet up with you to share some of our case studies on how we have synergistically integrated various marketing services for large brands.